The Mission Statement of Ed Hitchcock and The Lobo Ranch:

  • To preserve for all time, the way of life of the western ranch and the heritage of the American cowboy.
  •  To maintain the Lobo Ranch as a working ranch in perpetuity.
  • To provide a suitable repository for the western art Ed Hitchcock has willed to the Foundation, in order that it may be enjoyed by the public in a suitable and truly western setting.
  • To provide a facility in which a museum can be created featuring history and artifacts unique to the cowboy way of life.
  • To provide a place that can be enjoyed by adult and senior groups, as well as supervised youth groups approved by the Board, in order that these people can see firsthand, the world of the cowboy.
  • To provide a place that can be made available for educational purposes for those who wish to study western culture, art, history, and animal husbandry, equine and bovine.
  • It is hereby specifically and categorically stated now and forever that it is not to be made available to animal rights and environmental groups or any group whose sole purpose is to change the natural order and priorities, which have existed throughout history.

E.B. Hitchcock