History of the Lobo Ranch

According to the book Paulden Pioneers by Ruth Gilpin, the Lobo Ranch was originally the King Ranch, homesteaded in 1883 by Tom King and his three nephews, Tom, Arthur and Charlie. It is one of the oldest ranches in the area. The original home site was near the east bank of the Chino Wash, a little west of the Big Chino Road. All that is left now is an old corral and some Cottonwood trees.

In 1906 the home ranch burned and another house was moved in on the same foundation by Charlie King and his wife Nellie. The other two brothers Tom and Arthur lived along the Verde River about 25 miles away.

Charlie was the accountant and Tom and Arthur worked the ranch. In 1932, after the passing of Tom and Arthur, Charlie and Nellie decided to start selling off the property. First to Ed Hubbell and in 1934 or 1935 sold the home ranch to Jerome Eddy.

Jerome Eddy had all the old corrals and the original ranch house torn down and built a large house and an elaborate barn. The King Ranch was renamed to the Eddy Ranch or the Diamond and Half Ranch.

In 1942 Jerome Eddy sold to John Kieckhefer. In 1960 Kieckhefer sold just the Eddy Ranch to Phil Tovrea who sold to the Evans family. The ranch was renamed the Evans Ranch. The Evans sold to Lew King, no relation to the original King Brothers.

Lew King a local TV and radio entertainer from Phoenix was known for his Lew King Ranger series. He and his wife Patty did not run cattle. In 1977 Lew King sold to Ed Hitchcock.

The Lobo Ranch 100 Years Ago

The Lobo Ranch 100 Years Ago.

Ed renamed the ranch to the Lobo Ranch and is managed by Jack and Sandy Ingrao of Chino Valley. The Lobo Ranch is a cow and calf operation of Corriente cattle which are used for Rodeo livestock.

Ed has four brands, E Over D, E Lazy Left Over J Lazy Left Continued, E S Two Blocks and H W Stacked a historic brand from the HW Ranch.

For more detailed information about the Paulden area ranches please read the book Paulden Pioneers by Ruth Gilpin available through Amazon.com. Click Here.